May 23, 2024

Retaining attention on YouTube can be more difficult than acquiring it because people need to actively seek out your content. But if you’re consistent with your production schedule, you can grow a loyal tribe that is passionate about your work and recommends it to their friends. These subscribers provide a massive amount of word-of-mouth marketing, allowing you to scale without spending as much time on acquiring new viewers.

To improve your audience retention, create videos that are interesting and engaging. Use pattern interrupts, playful editing, and cool graphics to keep your viewers’ attention. Also, vary the length of your videos—shorter videos tend to have higher retention rates. If you’re struggling with your audience retention rate, consult YouTube analytics to get an idea of how long your viewers are watching each video. This will give you a good baseline for your channel.

Views Per Playlist Start and Average Time in Playlist are great metrics to monitor for each of your playlists. These numbers tell you how many views your videos receive from non-subscribers, which can help you understand whether your content is reaching a broader audience and helping you reach more potential viewers.

Don’t be shy about asking viewers to subscribe! Including a subscription call to action in your videos can help your audience connect with your content and stay up-to-date between uploads. Plus, YouTube rewards channels with high retention by showing them more frequently in Search and Suggested results. Retaining YouTube subscribers

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