May 23, 2024

Louis Vuitton has been making bags since 1854. Their reputation for impeccably crafted, beautifully designed bags has made them an international fashion icon.

LV designs are timeless, but they’re also incredibly expensive. In fact, a louis vuitton bag is often what’s called an “investment” bag, and it’s definitely not something that can be purchased without spending some serious cash.

Impeccable craftsmanship is the heart of a louis vuitton bag, and it’s what drives the premium prices. The brand relentlessly pursues perfection in all aspects of their design, from the iconic Monogram canvas to the minute details like hardware and stitching. Their obsessive attention to detail doesn’t just make their bags beautiful but durable, which translates to long-lasting luxury.

Exotic Skins
Besides the classic Monogram and Damier patterns, Louis Vuitton also makes bags in exclusive leathers like Vernis, Taurillon, and more. These luxurious materials require more work to produce, so they’re naturally more expensive than the traditional canvas options.

It’s also important to note that LV bags never go on sale, and they don’t do sample sales or sell second hand/faulty stock. They also don’t wrap plastic around handles or hardware, and they’ll rarely misspell their own name (although we’ve seen that happen). All of this adds to the brand’s reputation as a luxury powerhouse, and it creates a sense of exclusivity that a lot of consumers are drawn to. louis vuitton bag

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